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a Strap for that™ Green patent pending passenger seat bag securing strap

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Have you ever found yourself picking up the pieces of your spilled purse after you’ve slammed on the brakes, or turned a corner?

Don’t you wish you had a way to stop that spill?
What if there was a strap that could do just that?

There is!

Please watch our Youtube video.
You can also use a Strap for that, to secure bags to your carry-on luggage trolly.

a Strap for that Handbag Halter™ is a patent-pending easy to use passenger seat, securing strap.
Weighing only an ounce, yet STRONG enough to hold heavy bags, it keeps your purse, laptop bag, take-out food, and more, secure, upright, and spill-proof. With several adjustable settings, it even secures multiple bags together.

Please watch my youtube video

Use it in any, and all passenger seats.
You NEVER have to move it or remove it for passengers
The Handbag Halter, STOPS the damaging and messy spills from happening and PREVENTS a dangerous driving distraction, so you can keep your hands on the wheel, and your eyes on the road.
All it takes is an ounce of prevention, all it takes is a Strap for that™ 

This NEW patent-pending version of the original patented The Purse Snatcher®, Handbag Halter, is now even stronger to strap & secure pocketbooks, shopping bags, baby diaper bags, totes grocery, and take-out.
If it has a handle, Handbag Halter™ can handle it!

Handbag Halter™ can be used in cars, trucks SUVs, and any passenger seat front and back that has accessible headrest posts.

Patent-Pending. MADE IN NEW YORK

Gentle on delicate leather.
No bulky buckles, metal parts, or hooks.
You never have to move it or remove it!

SAY NO to pouches that cram your purse into a tiny pocket pouch or jam it behind your console, that have you twisting and contorting just to reach inside.

SAY NO to Car purse hooks that suspend your precious handbags, risking indents and stress to handles and straps.

SAY YES to having your purse safely beside sitting gently on your pursenger™ seat

Get 'a Strap for That™ and Drive Safe with Handbag Halter™