a Strap for that™ Story

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It's happened to the best drivers.   It's happened to you.

It's happened to me too.

You slam on the brakes, stop suddenly, and your laptop, purse and worse, take-out food spills to the floor, leaving you to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess.

It's not only annoying, it's a dangerous driving distraction that takes your eyes off the road and your hand off the wheel as you try in vain to stop the spill! #soccermomarm   

One evening driving to pick up a friend, for a night out, I had my best bag beside me on the passenger seat.

The traffic light turned yellow, and I thought “should I run it, or stop”?      I stopped, and as I did, I desperately tried to stop my bag from flinging to the floor.

I didn’t even realize I had steered partially into the lane beside me!    I was pretty shaken up and so thankful that there wasn’t a car in the lane, as it could have resulted in a horrible accident that I would have caused.

I pulled into a gas station to park and pick up the scattered contents of my bag, and vowed to never again risk an accident over a purse.


When I got home that night I searched online for a solution.          I found one and purchased it.   I was so excited when it arrived, until I opened it and tried to install it.    It wouldn’t work for me.

I found another product with good reviews, but  again, I knew it wouldn’t meet my needs.


I wanted something that was  easy to install, that I could leave in my car, and  Most of all I wanted something that was gentle on my bags and wouldn’t  cram them behind a console, suspend them on hooks or stress their handles.


I suddenly had an idea, and since I can’t sew, I grabbed a stapler, some ribbon and velcro and cobbled together a strap.   It didn’t look pretty, but I drove up and down the driveway slamming on my brakes.    It worked!     I tried using it for take out food, and even securing multiple grocery bags.  It worked!


Weighing only an ounce, it’s strong enough to prevent pounds of spill! 

Whether your bag is big or small, short or tall, with several adjustable fasteners a Strap for that can handle them all.

With no buckles, bulky metal parts or hooks that can damage leather, a Strap for that  is soft and gentle on even the finest luxury brand handbags.

With a Strap for that, you can,

 get your cookies to the bake sale without a crumble.

take the cake, and carry the cheer without fear.

bring home the bacon, AND eggs without a scramble!

Now you have an easy way to prevent the slide and spill; whatever you carry.


Remember you can use a Strap for that in your back seats and hatchbacks , and you never have to move it, or remove it !   

Men love it too, for their laptop and lunchbag, tackle or tool box.    If it has a handle, a Strap for that will handle it.    


With a Strap for that, you can drive on, and remain confident in knowing that your bags will no longer drive you to distraction.

All it takes is an ounce of prevention.  All it takes is a strap for that. 

Why not test drive one today?